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Who We Are


Here at Boon, we guarantee that we use the finest raw materials imported from the best suppliers worldwide, to be carefully developed to suit customers’ needs in terms of high quality and reasonable prices Boon products are made with the most advanced equipment. Our mission to ISO certified factory is located in Ramallah, Palestine. Our recipes have a combination of our local taste and European expertise taste resulting in distinctive international high standard products BOON began in 2010 by Ms. Yesmen. She knows that many European countries, particularly Belgium, Switzerland and Turkey, produced the best chocolates, cakes, and sweets the world had to offer. Hundreds of flavors, along with various colors and textures, were painstakingly blended to create luxurious sweets, and presented in ways that appealed to all five senses. They were amazingly fresh, incredibly elegant, and beautifully formed. by Palestinian culture made a combination between International guilty and local price.